We help people with an Irish or UK pension living in Australia know whether a transfer might be right for them

RM Capital Wealth is a fast growing financial planning practice specialising in cross border financial solutions, particularly for British and Irish expatriates. We’re one of, if not the only Australian-based firm with advisors qualified and authorised in the UK, Ireland and Australia.


With our head office in Perth, along with offices in Melbourne and Sydney, we offer a locally based and unparalleled range of financial services including, but not limited to, superannuation, investment and risk management strategies, asset protection and retirement planning.

RM Capital Wealth is a boutique financial planning firm established in 2017.  With offices in the UK, Australia and Ireland, we provide financial planning advice for residents in all three jurisdictions.


All of our advice is underpinned by the meticulous financial planning we undertake for each of our clients in both the UK and Ireland and their ultimate destination in Australia by our fully licenced and highly qualified advisers, several of which are also dual authorised and in some cases trial authorised.

  • UK residents- financial planning advice from our UK office.
  • Irish residents- financial planning advice from our Irish office.
  • Australian residents- financial planning advice from our Australian offices.

How We Can Help

Retirement Planning

Together with the government age pension, superannuation forms the basis for Australia’s retirement income policy, and is a tax effective way for all Australians to save for their retirement.

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Professional Partnerships

One of our core services here at RM Wealth is to assist and provide other professionals with financial planning services for their clients.

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