RM Mining & Energy Wholesale Fund

Providing investors diversified exposure to premium natural resources opportunities

The combination of a number of multi-disciplinary teams with extensive experience and diversified service delivering quality and innovative solutions in all facets of financial services.

Asset Management

RM Corporate Finance specialises in raising capital for small to mid-cap companies. This includes capital raising activities for both listed and unlisted companies, leveraging their expertise in underwriting and sub-underwriting processes.

RM Capital Corporate Finance offers specialised advisory and capital raising services tailored to small to mid-cap companies. We excel in managing capital initiatives for both listed and unlisted firms, providing expert underwriting, mergers, acquisitions, and strategic advisory to drive growth and open investment avenues.

RM Capital Wealth specialises in superannuation and retirement planning, offering guidance through the complexities of tax-effective saving for retirement. Our experts can assist with superannuation strategies, fund consolidation, and transitioning to retirement. Additionally, RM Capital enhances financial planning services through professional partnerships with accountants, solicitors, and other professionals, fostering collaborative relationships that benefit clients across various sectors.

RM Capital offers a partnership program tailored to advisers’ unique needs, emphasizing flexibility in licensing and robust support structures. The program provides essential tools, including access to major platforms, an extensive approved product list, and comprehensive administrative and compliance support. 

RM Mining & Energy Wholesale Fund

The Fund’s investment philosophy is disciplined based on natural resources market specialisation allowing for an integrated investment process incorporating both top-down and bottom-up analysis to make informed investment decisions which are defensive throughout economic cycles.

Navigate Your Retirement Planning

Learn how superannuation, paired with government support, is key to planning your retirement in Australia. RM Capital Wealth’s specialists are here to guide you through the intricacies of superannuation, helping you optimize your retirement savings. Click here to understand your options and start planning for a secure future.

Enhance Your Investment Strategy

Unlock the potential of direct investment with RM Capital’s Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs). Our SMAs combine the personal ownership of listed equities with the benefits of a managed fund—flexibility, transparency, and expert management. Whether you’re an individual investor or a wealth adviser, our tailored SMAs are designed to meet diverse risk profiles and investment goals.


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